Gift Boxed Chocolates & Truffles

The focus here is on nuts, creams & chews, and truffles. Handled skillfully, all can be fabulous and elegantly sophisticated. All are hand garnished. We’ve worked to get the creams right. Creams can actually be right at home at a formal luncheon, or while wearing haute couture. Our truffles are in the European style, made with Guittard’s fine chocolate and fresh cream. We emphasize local or regional ingredients–Oregon hazelnuts and walnuts, Texas pecans, high-quality extracts and jams made right here in Oregon. Flavors vary seasonally, particularly those of citrus, berry, and spice.
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SKU125 12 Piece Assorted Truffle Box of Chocolates
  • $32.00
SKU005 9 Piece Assorted Truffle Box of Chocolates
  • $27.00
SKU011 Best Chocolate Assortment: Creams & Chews
  • $32.00