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Chocolate Easter Basket

Al your favorite confections.
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  • Color Scheme
  • Chocolate Basket
  • Solid Chocolate Pete
  • Small Velvet Eggs - Whipped Chocolate Velvet Eggs might be more accurate. This confection is something. Not quite a truffle, not quite a ganache, with a melting quality on the tongue
  • Divinity Eggs - Made fresh in our shop just in time for Easter! This meringue-based confection is yummy on its own but pecans and a little salt push it up a notch
  • Peanut Butter Eggs - Way better than candy-bar combinations of peanut butter and chocolate! These peanut butter eggs are the real thing-- a little generous on the peanut flavor and enrobed in rich chocolate
  • Coconut Birds Nest - Sweet coconut flakes covered in chocolate with three chocolate eggs.
  • Easter Candy Goodies
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