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Easter Goodies

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  • Malted Chocolate Easter Eggs - Colorful malt balls with crispy shells. Classic candy great for Easter baskets!
  • Chocolate Quail Eggs - Creamy caramel is smothered in rich milk chocolate and then coated with a crunchy candy shell of specked tan
  • Bunny Candy Corn - Soft mellocreme candy corn candies in spring colors
  • Milk Chocolate Foil Eggs
  • Vienna Almonds - Large dark chocolate almonds encased in the most beautiful colorful candy coating
  • Spring Marzipan
  • Pectin Jelly Beans
  • Easter Mello Cream Mix
  • Chocolate Robin Eggs - Pastel Blue Caramel Filled Chocolate Robin Eggs Candy
  • Dark Chocolate Foil Eggs
  • Buttter Mints - Delightfully delicious, these pastel yellow buttermint candies slowly melt away in your mouth as you savor their flavor
  • Spring Easter Mix
  • Sour Rabbits - Sour bunny-shaped Easter candies in 4 fruit flavors and spring colors
  • Giftware Container
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