Seasonal Chocolates & Confections

Burst’s Chocolates has been part of peoples traditions for four generations: Thanksgiving chocolate turkeys. Christmas Santas. Heart-shaped boxes filled with bon-bons for Valentines Day. And for Easter, there’s our impressive and memorable annual chocolate "Bunny Parade". Have you ever seen a rabbit riding a motorcycle? If you don't see what you're looking for online give us a call, and we will help you over the phone.
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SKU098 Twelve Little Petes (Little Pete the Gourmet Chocolate Bunny)
  • $24.00
SKU082 Gourmet Chocolate Sleepy Rabbit
  • $3.50
SKU085 Half-dozen (6), Pete the Gourmet Chocolate Bunny
  • $24.00
SKU018 Big Ears the Gourmet Chocolate Bunny
  • $7.75
SKU063 Gourmet Chocolate Basket Bunny
  • $7.50
SKU072 Gourmet Chocolate Hen in a Basket
  • $5.00
SKU019 Bob the Gourmet Chocolate Bunny
  • $25.00
SKU080 Gourmet Chocolate Rabbit Riding a Rooster
  • $10.00
SKU078 Gourmet Chocolate Little Rolls Bunny
  • $5.75
Items: 19 of 31, per page