Nut Crunch Brittles

Confections based on a crisp sugary brittle and nuts have been around forever. Recipes began showing up in 19th century cookbooks and its still one of the worlds most popular sweets. We make five great brittles--cashew crunch brittle, coconut crunch brittle, hazelnut crunch brittle, peanut crunch brittle, and the ultimate all-nut brittle. All are airy and crisp, with a generous helping of nuts and the right amount of salt.
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SKU021 Cashew Crunch Brittle
  • $15.00
SKU088 Handmade Peanut Crunch Brittle
  • $12.00
SKU006 All-Nut Crunch Brittle
  • $15.00
SKU092 Hazelnut Crunch Brittle
  • $15.00