Hobby Chocolates

The usual sporting gear cast in chocolate is offered here (i.e., footballs, basketballs, etc), but this category also has much more depth. A small hot-air balloon and gondola is a personal favorite. Or how about miniature bagged sets of golf clubs? Or tiny chocolate cellos (or are they violins?)? Or a chocolate crosscut handsaw? Or, for the fishing buff, maybe trout and bass? Basketballs and the like are spherical like the real thing. All items of substantial thickness, typically at least 1/4" (0.6 cm). NOTE --> We offer custom molds from your designs. We also have tons of other molds. Give us a call.
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SKU Product name   Price  
SKU033 Chocolate Football
  • $24.00
SKU391 Chocolate Tennis Racket
  • $9.00
SKU037 Chocolate Guitar
  • $9.00
SKU035 Chocolate Golf Bag
  • $5.50
SKU045 Chocolate Muscial Note
  • $15.00
SKU463 Chocolate Baseball Hat
  • $2.00
SKU660 Chocolate Train Engine
  • $10.50
SKU104 Around-To-It Chocolate Wheel
  • $7.50
SKU118 Chocolate Horseshoe
  • $2.00
Items: 19 of 17, per page