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Burst's Chocolate Shop

Handcrafting the very best candies since 1938! 

We at Burst's Chocolates take our business choices seriously, which is why we use Guittard Chocolate in our confections. With a precise palate and a commitment to the chocolate craft, Guittard has made the world’s best chocolate for five generations. They select single origins for their exclusive flavors and attributes and customize blends and formulas to deliver a premium chocolate experience. www.guittard.com

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CH-BU-P-T12 12 Piece Assorted Truffle Box
  • $32.00
CH-BU-P-CCH Best Chocolate Assortment: Creams & Chews
  • $32.00
CH-BU-P-NCC Best Chocolate Assortment: Nuts, Creams, & Chews
  • $32.00
CH-BU-P-HBC Best Chocolate Hazelnut Caramel Clusters
  • $16.00
CH-BU-P-CBC Best Chocolate Cashew Caramel Clusters
  • $16.00
CH-BU-P-ABC Best Chocolate Almond Caramel Clusters
  • $16.00
CH-BU-P-HNP Handmade Non-Pareils
  • $20.00
CH-BU-P-GIN Handmade Dark Chocolate-Covered Ginger
  • $28.00
CH-BU-P-SEA Gourmet Chocolate Seafoam
  • $25.00
CH-BU-P-ALB Handmade Dark Chocolate Almond Bark
  • $27.00
CH-BU-P-CHV Gourmet Chocolate Velvet
  • $24.00
CH-BU-N-COB Corvallis Bar
  • $3.00
CH-BU-N-HKE Chocolate House Key
  • $3.50
CH-BU-N-HAM Chocolate Hammer
  • $10.00
CH-BU-N-ORE Dark Chocolate Oregon
  • $2.00
CH-BU-N-OSU Dark Chocolate OSU Letters
  • $15.00
Items: 116 of 60