Burst's History

Burst's History

Burst's History

A Piece of Corvallis Tradition....

Burst’s Chocolates has been a favorite local tradition since it opened in 1938. During tough and lean times in Corvallis, Rhea Burst, a long-time resident of Corvallis, said to her husband, Charlie, "What we could use in this town is a handmade chocolate shop." So just three months later, the Burst’s decided to try what many only dream of: to make a living making chocolate! They opened their doors on the first floor of a brand new building at 353 SW Madison Avenue in Corvallis, Oregon, where the business still resides today.

Charlie worked in a small kitchen in the back of the store, creating handmade candies and tempering his chocolate on a marble slab. Rhea worked the front of the store, selling chocolates and candies to families looking for high quality, special treats they could afford in these difficult times. From the beginning, Charlie and Rhea believed "any kid with a penny in their pocket should be able to come in and get a piece of candy." The Burst’s tradition of quality and value had begun. Not having children to pass the business on to, Charlie and Rhea sold their dream and legacy to Ralph Batmen in 1957. From his first day in the shop, Ralph continued the Burst’s tradition of producing the highest quality chocolates and, as he did, the business thrived. Through the 1960s, the Burst’s reputation for excellence grew throughout the Willamette Valley. Then, fifteen years after taking over from the Bursts, Ralph Batmen decided to retire as well, and sold the business to Don and Rosemary Burck in 1972.

Then came the early 1980s and recession. The Oregon economy took a turn for the worse. Through hard work and devotion to the legacy of Burst’s Candies, Don made sure that Burst’s weathered the downturn.

Harkening back to Charlie and Rhea’s original commitment, Don kept his quality high and his prices affordable so second and third-generation customers could continue to enjoy a special "treat" in these very difficult times. Enter yours truly, Patrick Magee. As Burst’s success ebbed and flowed in the 1970s and 80s, I was growing up just down the road from Corvallis. I was the first child in a family with a legacy of chefs and a love of good food. So it was no wonder I grew early on to love the fine chocolates and candies of Burst’s.

After graduating from Oregon State University, I lived abroad for three years and learned the art of cooking. In 1996 I moved back home with the intent of returning to Europe after a year to continue my career. While in Corvallis and needing work, I remembered how much I enjoyed my experiences and the chocolates at Burst’s as I was growing up. After introducing myself to Don Burck, I was hired on the spot for a dream job, working as a confectioner in the kitchen of Burst’s Candies! As the end of my "year" in Corvallis grew closer, my desire for a life in Europe seemed farther and farther away.

Sensing this change, and knowing I would be up to the challenge of carrying on the traditions that Ralph Batmen and Charlie and Rhea Burst had worked so hard to build and sustain, Don Burck offered to sell me the business, to let me own and become part of the legacy of Burst’s Candies.

It has been a wonderful, challenging, and rewarding 20 years! It is my pleasure to share with you not only this 80-year history of chocolate making at Burst’s, but also my commitment to manufacturing premium, luxury chocolates. For over four generations, Burst’s Chocolates has sweetened countless lives in Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley. Handcrafted in small batches with exacting care, our confections combine locally grown and produced specialties with quality ingredients collected from around the world. The result: the best bite you’ll ever savor!

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