Ready to enliven your baking recipes with dark baking chocolate that's exotic, tangy and versatile? Say hello to sun-roasted Caraïbe. Derived from Trinitario beans grown on tiny plantations across islands in the Caribbean Sea, this is dark baking chocolate with a tropical edge: coffee-like but not too bitter, fruity but not too sweet, and with a texture like warm velvet. There is a hint of nature here, with almonds echoing the woodsy aromas of sea-touched trees. Caraïbe’s real seduction, though, comes from the dried fruits grown close to the cocoa trees. These invigorate the chocolate with a subtle yet sugary aftertaste and lingering flavors that roll in your mouth.

Ingredients: 66% cacao minimum, pure cocoa butter. Cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier (soya lecithin), natural vanilla extract.

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